Badpuppy’s PuppyCash Offers Affiliates Prizes in June

COCOA, Fla.—Badpuppy’s PuppyCash affiliate program will reward three webmasters for improving their performance during the month of June.

At the end of the month, the three affiliates who increase their sales the most over their own May totals will win a sought-after tech gadget. The first-place finisher will win a 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, second place will receive a NetBook, and third place will receive an iPod Touch.

“We wanted to do something different for June and for upcoming months this year,” said Marketing and Affiliate Manager Lisa Turner. “The best thing is that this particular contest allows every affiliate an opportunity to win. Each and every affiliate is important to us, whether big or small.”

In order to participate, affiliates must have signed up on or prior to May 1, 2010. Sales can be made at, or any other sites in the PuppyCash program.

Turner said the contest “levels the playing field” for the small and mid-range affiliates, since everyone is judged only against his or her own statistics.

“Not only will the affiliate be winning by earning more commissions than [he or she did during] the month prior, but we’ll be rewarding those top three affiliates who show the most improvement,” she said. “If I have learned anything over my nearly 14 years as the affiliate manager for Badpuppy’s PuppyCash, it’s that today’s little fish may very well be next year’s whale. We’re proud to offer a promotion where anyone can take home a prize.”

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