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General Updates from Badpuppy Enterprises, Inc.


Badpuppy Celebrates 15th Year

COCOA, Fla.—Gay adult mega-site Badpuppy celebrated its 15th birthday May 17.

“That converts to 105 in dog years,” exclaimed Marketing and Advertising Manager Lisa Turner.

When it debuted online in 1995, the website was little more than an internet-ized version of the computer bulletin board founder Bill Pinyon established as a hobby.

“Badpuppy turning 15 is just so hard to believe,” President and Chief Executive Officer Pinyon said. “The longevity and success we’ve enjoyed tells me that we’ve done and are still doing what we set out to do when converting my hobby, the Badpuppy BBS, into the first gay adult membership website online back in 1995.

“Our past and continued success I attribute to my husband Steven and the team we’ve assembled, most of whom have been with the company for 13 years or longer,” he added.

Turner said the staff is equally proud of what the company has achieved.

“We offer a huge amount of diverse content,” she said. “Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Badpuppy. Because our members are introduced to multiple content updates every day, around the clock and can knowingly count on our support staff, it makes Badpuppy stand out in a crowd.”

Added Pinyon, “We’d like to offer our thanks not only to our members past and present, but a world of thanks to the entire industry for the support we’ve been shown over the past 15 years. We look forward to much more success together in the future.”

New Affiliate Program Features

Cocoa, FL – After several months of planning, programming and design, Pioneer Gay Adult MegaSite, Badpuppy (www.badpuppy.com), long time running affiliate program, PuppyCash (www.puppycash.com), is proud to announce a brand new and greatly enhanced interface.

Badpuppy has been a leading consumer gay porn brand for nearly 15 years.  Marketing & Advertising Manager Lisa Turner said. We’ve enjoyed great success marketing our sites to consumers and now we’re able to provide both the tools and greatly detailed statistics which will allow our affiliates to better promote our Badpuppy & ClubAmateurUSA properties, along with the additional 28 sites that make up our PuppyCash affiliate program.

Several of our new features at PuppyCash are a direct result of suggestions by our affiliates. The previous PuppyCash interface used a black background, with light text, which drew negative comments. The new interface offers a clean, crisp look and feel, using a white background, black and colorful text where items and areas are featured. We now offer New Announcements and Industry News on the main pages of the website. In addition to greater detail and previews of the program itself, affiliates have ability to preview promotional tools and banners, without having to be logged in. This allows new affiliates a greater opportunity to know ahead of time what they’ll have at their disposal by signing up with PuppyCash.com.

When an affiliate logs into the Webmaster Lounge, they can now be see all of their accounts summarized in a single view. Over the years, affiliates have set up multiple accounts to allow them to track different campaigns. They would have to log into each account separately to view their stats. This is no longer the case. An affiliate will find a variety of ways to review each account’s statistical information. In addition to an Account Summary, a drill down option provides greater detail on Membership Sales Referring URL, Clicks Referring URL, as well as identifying the site being promoted.

Turner also states that in addition to greater statistical detail being provided to our affiliates, our promotional tools and content have been presented in a whole new way and are now far better organized. Content ZIP files now offer Tags, Descriptions and Affiliate Linking Information to deliver the user directly to that models home page on Badpuppy.com. The Badpuppy model TGP Hosted Galleries can be customized with different color backgrounds and the ability to view and obtain Rev Share or PPS linking information. Additionally affiliates can now generate a Link Dump, grabbing a month’s worth of galleries at one time.

The above improvements and additions are only a sample of the new PuppyCash interface.

Registered Affiliates of PuppyCash may choose between two competitive payout options: $30 PPS or 60% Rev Share, as well as a 10% Affiliate Referral option. PuppyCash offers a multitude of Affiliate Tools including Banners, Model Image and Video Clips, TGP Hosted Galleries, Self-Updating iFrame content, Hosted FLV Model Video Clips for Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA, RSS feeds, and a variety of landing page options.

Badpuppy began as a BBS in 1992 and became the first Gay adult membership website online in May of 1995. The PuppyCash affiliate program was established in early 1996 and has been paying affiliates on time, since the program began. Questions or comments in relation to Badpuppy, ClubAmateurUSA or the PuppyCash affiliate program may be directed to Lisa Turner

Badpuppy to Bark About ASACP

LOS ANGELES — Gay adult network Badpuppy has taken on the task of promoting the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection to both consumers and the adult entertainment industry by barking about the organization and its activities across the multiple sites in the network.

“After speaking with ASACP [chief executive officer] Joan Irvine at the Phoenix Forum, we decided we wanted to do all we could, above and beyond a company or member sponsorship, to show support for ASACP,” said Badpuppy marketing, advertising and affiliate manager Lisa Turner. “[ASACP’s] mission is so very important not only in protecting the children, but also in protecting our rights in the industry and consumers’ rights to enjoy adult content.

“We decided that between the webmaster traffic and consumer traffic that Badpuppy has immediate access to, we could promote [ASACP], their cause and their valiant efforts to all who visit the sites we own,” she continued. “We do this in hopes of educating webmasters who may not be familiar with ASACP and what it means to support [the organization], as well as sharing that same education with the consumers who frequent our sites, showing them what their support and donations can accomplish.”

Irvine added, “Even small donations can help ASACP to run its child pornography reporting hotline and provide the Restricted to Adults – RTA website label that protects children from being exposed to age-inappropriate material while protecting the right to enjoy adult entertainment.”

Irvine said the slumping economy has hurt not only commercial revenues, but non-profit organizations, as well.

“As with other companies, today’s economy is having a negative impact on contributions to ASACP, so we’ve been looking for additional revenue sources, but because ASACP is mainly funded by the adult industry, the sources are limited,” she said. “Companies and people are always asking what they can do to help support the ASACP child-protection mission in addition to becoming a sponsor or member, but few have taken it to heart as much as Lisa Turner at Badpuppy. Badpuppy has created a comprehensive program that uses almost every one of its properties to spread the word about ASACP’s child protection effort, educate their webmasters and request contributions from their members.

“ASACP is incredibly grateful to Badpuppy for their support.”

For more information about Badpuppy, visit Badpuppy.com.

For more information about ASACP, visit ASACP.org.

Badpuppy Acquires ClubAmateurUSA.com

COCOA, Fla. – Badpuppy Enterprises Inc., the parent company of gay adult megasite Badpuppy and affiliate program Puppy Cash, has acquired a number of properties and websites from Scottsdale, Ariz.-based JV Squared Inc. Prominent among the acquisitions is the straight-guy seduction website ClubAmateurUSA.

In addition, the acquisition includes all DVD and video-on-demand rights attached to more than 280 videos, as well several other domains.

“Our current plans are to keep the current VOD relationships in place and look to expand on those relationships while continuing to seek new business partnerships,” Badpuppy marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner said.

ClubAmateurUSA has been part of the Badpuppy network since 2003, and according to Turner, the site is among the network’s most popular offerings.

“The site has been so popular that the average click-through-to-conversion [ratio] has ranged from 1:6 to 1:10 for almost every month since 2005,” Turner said.

“Our plans are to continue the successful business model that has made the website and its content what it is today,” Badpuppy owner Bill Pinyon said. “Badpuppy has contracted well-known video producer Peter Zaragoza, owner of PZP Productions, to be the new front man and videographer for the website content…[the] studio location and many of the models [are] being directly provided by Howard Andrew, owner and founder of FabScout Entertainment. Badpuppy has worked with both Peter and Howard for many years and has established a great level of trust over our long friendship, previous association and ongoing business relationships. We truly look forward to this new endeavor with both of them.”

Zaragoza will take the place of former JV Squared partner, webmaster and cameraman Casey Black in interacting with models.

Turner said nothing will change for webmasters who currently promote ClubAmateurUSA, because it already is part of the Puppy Cash portfolio.

“We’ll be putting the power of Badpuppy right behind our newest acquisition and looking for ways to take what has already proven to be successful and expand upon that,” Turner said. “The ClubAmateurUSA website is already a site to promote at Puppy Cash. Webmasters who are already promoting ClubAmateurUSA do not need to change anything. This transition will not affect any current or future affiliate relationships. Those webmasters who are not already promoting this website or are not yet Puppy Cash affiliates, we’d love to have you on board.”





Badpuppy Goes Tubular with OgleMe Website

COCOA, Fla. – Badpuppy has soft-launched a new website that blends aspects of social-networking and tube sites. OgleMe allows users to share amateur and professional videos, enjoy video chat and conferencing, and to blog. The site is designed to appeal to straight, bisexual and gay consumers and is free.

The gay side of OgleMe features branded channels devoted to Badpuppy and other gay content producers who are part of the Badpuppy network.

“We are also excited to be opening up a new advertising opportunity to select strategic partners who also produce their own content for their membership websites but are not a part of the Badpuppy network,” said Badpuppy Enterprises Inc. marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner.

“When that other tube site pulled all webmaster content in February, it had a disastrous effect on my revenue,” said Casey Black, a video producer and webmaster for ClubAmateurUSA, which has been part of the Badpuppy network for five years. “That situation, coupled with the current economic crisis and the proliferation of [peer-to-peer] sharing of copyrighted adult material by unscrupulous end users, has left me struggling to survive this ‘perfect storm.’ So, when Bill [Pinyon, Badpuppy’s chief executive officer] called to share with me the ClubAmateurUSA channel on OgleMe.com, it was like I had been waiting to exhale for six months.

“There has been a rush of emotion, and words simply cannot express how appreciative and overwhelmingly excited I am for Badpuppy’s OgleMe.com,” he added.

“We’ve been approached over the past year to open a site like OgleMe.com by a few video production companies, two of which have already begun uploading videos,” Pinyon said. “We wanted to make sure and have a system where any ‘Joe Six Pack’ could share their own videos, but channels could be established for legitimate video production companies.

“Just a heads up: OgleMe.com is not a ‘free-for-all’ either. We will be moderating the site seven days a week. Posting of illegal or copyrighted material is not going to be tolerated from the start.”

Pinyon said he’s particularly excited about OgleMe’s video-chat feature. Registered users can chat one-on-one with from one to five other people. In addition, private, password-protected rooms are user-creatable.

“The video chat is another feature of OgleMe.com that I’ve personally wanted to have on the site since the times where we ran our CuSeeMe server,” Pinyon said.

OgleMe is based on Flash technology, Turner said.

“The video and audio are streamed via Badpuppy’s very own Flash communications server,” she revealed. “The user’s browser must support Flash in order to fully enjoy OgleMe.com.”

To promote the new website, Badpuppy is hosting a contest that will award one lucky winner up to $5,000. In order to qualify, users must upload 10 or more videos. The more videos an individual uploads, the more chances he or she has to win. Official rules and details are available at the website.

The contest runs from Oct. 16 through Jan. 31, 2009.

“I’m very excited about this venture,” Pinyon said. “It allows us to expand our reach and to offer another means to video production companies that have been cut off from other tube sites.”

Badpuppy Colonizes Second Life

COCOA, Fla.Badpuppy Enterprises Inc. has launched a presence in Second Life, a 3D virtual world that is imagined and created by its inhabitants. “Badpuppy Island” will celebrate its grand opening beginning at 3 p.m. ET.

According to Badpuppy marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner, the company began its virtual homesteading eight months ago. Now that the island’s infrastructure is complete, Badpuppy plans to offer residential and commercial virtual property to Second Life citizens who want to maintain a presence and promote themselves to the gay community. Badpuppy Island offers networking, meeting space, parties and events in addition to residential and commercial spaces.

“This virtual world is like no other and is a whole new world to explore,” Turner said. “Companies such as CNN, Dell and Mercedes, where you can actually test drive their newest models, entered into the Second Life world early on with great success, so why not follow suit?

“We invite everyone to follow Badpuppy into this new world for fun, relaxation and meeting new friends as well as future business associates,” she added. “You may very well want to take the plunge as Badpuppy did, marketing its name and brand to a whole new audience in a whole new way.”

Basic membership at Second Life is free, but the community supports a thriving virtual economy based on Linden dollars, which can be converted to U.S. and other world currencies at Linden dollar exchanges within the virtual world.

An Old Dog Constantly Learning New Tricks – Badpuppy Turns 13

COCOA, Fla.Badpuppy celebrated its 91st birthday on Saturday – or in people years, its 13th.

“Badpuppy turning 13 is just so hard to believe,” said Badpuppy president and chief executive officer Bill Pinyon. “The longevity and success we’ve enjoyed I contribute to my life partner, Steven Wojcik, and the incredible staff we have. A good number of them have been with us for 12 years or longer.

“To think it all started in 1995 as a hobby, operated out of my bedroom from a single computer [that had] an Intel 486 [processor],” he continued. “To be able to realize Badpuppy has grown into the huge, high-tech network it has, simply put, makes me proud beyond belief.”

Marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner said that in her tenure with the company she has witnessed enormous growth in both the staff and the network. “It’s to the point that I cannot even begin to describe to a visiting business associate our network and computer room,” she said. “We continue to offer a huge amount of diverse content. There’s something for everyone.”

Turner said one of the network’s strong points is that it offers multiple content updates daily, around the clock. Another is easy consumer access to Badpuppy’s customer-support team.

Both Pinyon and Turner hinted that bigger things are on the way for Badpuppy.

“Let’s just say there is an ‘island of opportunity’ in our near future, and we’ll be sharing that with you very, very soon,” Pinyon said. “Stay tuned.”

Turner added, “Last but not least, we’d like to offer our thanks not only to our members past and present, but also to the entire industry for the support we’ve been shown over the last 13 years. We look forward to much more together in the future and can’t wait to see what our 14th birthday will bring.”

Badpuppy to Start New Year with New Ad Deals

MIAMI – Color Ink Corp., publisher of Badpuppy Magazine and Allboy Magazine, two of the leading gay adult publications on the market, is offering a 2008 new year special targeting new and returning advertisers. Both can take advantage of up to 25 percent off of the regular rates in both magazines, based on their ad size and advertising frequency.

Badpuppy is published quarterly, and Allboy is published six times a year.The special offer represents a combined buy (both magazines) but does not require three, six or 12 runs. Single-magazine contracts (advertising in one or the other) will receive the same percentage discounts. The discounted prices will remain with advertisers for as long as they continue to advertise.

Three-issue combined color rates are as low as $425; 12-issue rates max out at $1,125.

Both Badpuppy and Allboy are sold online, by annual subscription, as back issues and in adult bookstores throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Spain, Germany and Scandinavia.

For more information, visit the company’s media page or e-mail marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner.

BadPuppy Restructures Puppy Cash’s Payouts

COCOA, Fla. – Gay website Badpuppy.com announced Wednesday that it has restructured the payouts of its affiliate program Puppy Cash.

The company has introduced a one-time payout of $30 per sign-up (also available on trials) and increased the revshare payout to 60 percent for new and recurring orders. The program now offers 10 percent on sales from webmaster referrals.

The new revshare rate will apply to sales made beginning Dec. 1, including those from re-bills.

“I am thrilled with Puppy Cash’s newly implemented pricing and payout structure,” said Casey Black, producer of Club Amateur USA. “In an industry with businesses that aren’t always quick to support and pay their affiliates, I’m happy to deal with the Puppy Cash affiliate program, which has never given me one problem.”

Puppy Cash offers free hosted galleries that are updated monthly. The program also offers new-model content, including images, video clips and the New Model IFrame, which displays the seven newest models.

The Puppy Cash program has more than 25 sites.

BadPuppy provides custom solutions for special marketing campaigns.

Badpuppy Partners With DHD Media

Badpuppy today announced it has tapped DHD Media to handle all of its primary processing needs.

“Since day one, we’ve controlled all processing in-house, so obviously we were meticulous when it came to selecting a third-party organization to oversee our vital infrastructural needs,” says Badpuppy Chief Executive Officer Bill Pinyon. “DHD Media was the perfect choice, the only choice.”

DHD Media claims its reporting system allows every client to make strategic marketing decisions based on verified, accurate data.

DHD CEO Ron Jenkins says, “Every DHD Media service is in place to satisfy clients’ short- and long-term goals. Badpuppy is an industry pioneer, and we’re proud to play a key role in their present and future successes.”

During the past few months, DHD has partnered with several high-profile companies, including Falcon Studios, AEBN, and Homegrown Video.