Badpuppy Introduces Flash-based Dog Gone Video

COCOA, FL – Badpuppy Enterprises, parent company of Badpuppy and PuppyCash, has introduced a Video-on-Demand (VoD) site using their Flash-based FireFeed technology, called Dog Gone Video.

While offering the typical pay-per-view model and featuring 85 studios both gay and straight, the unique aspect of Dog Gone Video is the presentation; the video is streamed using the Macromedia Flash-based FireFeed technology, which Badpuppy developed in-house, instead of the usual media player suspects.

“We wanted to use something unique, yet more user friendly. Over the many years of leasing and buying content for Badpuppy we’ve come to realize that some people loyal to many brands of audio and video media. Many of our users have indicated the displeasure at having to install additional software just to get something to run. This technology works across that majority of Internet browsers and works with both Windows and Mac,” marketing and advertising administrator Lisa Turner told

All FireFeed needs to run is the latest version of Flash, which comes preinstalled on most browsers. In addition to video, the company has also been using FireFeed for live chat shows on their membership sites.

As for Dog Gone Video itself, it currently houses more than 1000 titles and the company plans to announce the addition of 10 new studios in early March. Of course, they’re looking to add more studios and more unique content.

“We have, of course, many professional studios in our movie library, but also are equally as excited and anxious to include the smaller amateur companies,” Turner said. “Amateur is hot. So we open our doors to all kinds of studios.”

As an added bonus to studios, Dog Gone Video also offers users the opportunity to buy the film they’re watching on VoD directly from the studio’s web site. They also hand out free time to customers of their membership sites, but pay studios when that time is used.

The Dog Gone affiliate program pays webmasters 20 percent commission on referrals.

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