An Old Dog Constantly Learning New Tricks – Badpuppy Turns 13

COCOA, Fla.Badpuppy celebrated its 91st birthday on Saturday – or in people years, its 13th.

“Badpuppy turning 13 is just so hard to believe,” said Badpuppy president and chief executive officer Bill Pinyon. “The longevity and success we’ve enjoyed I contribute to my life partner, Steven Wojcik, and the incredible staff we have. A good number of them have been with us for 12 years or longer.

“To think it all started in 1995 as a hobby, operated out of my bedroom from a single computer [that had] an Intel 486 [processor],” he continued. “To be able to realize Badpuppy has grown into the huge, high-tech network it has, simply put, makes me proud beyond belief.”

Marketing and advertising manager Lisa Turner said that in her tenure with the company she has witnessed enormous growth in both the staff and the network. “It’s to the point that I cannot even begin to describe to a visiting business associate our network and computer room,” she said. “We continue to offer a huge amount of diverse content. There’s something for everyone.”

Turner said one of the network’s strong points is that it offers multiple content updates daily, around the clock. Another is easy consumer access to Badpuppy’s customer-support team.

Both Pinyon and Turner hinted that bigger things are on the way for Badpuppy.

“Let’s just say there is an ‘island of opportunity’ in our near future, and we’ll be sharing that with you very, very soon,” Pinyon said. “Stay tuned.”

Turner added, “Last but not least, we’d like to offer our thanks not only to our members past and present, but also to the entire industry for the support we’ve been shown over the last 13 years. We look forward to much more together in the future and can’t wait to see what our 14th birthday will bring.”

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