Badpuppy to Bark About ASACP

LOS ANGELES — Gay adult network Badpuppy has taken on the task of promoting the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection to both consumers and the adult entertainment industry by barking about the organization and its activities across the multiple sites in the network.

“After speaking with ASACP [chief executive officer] Joan Irvine at the Phoenix Forum, we decided we wanted to do all we could, above and beyond a company or member sponsorship, to show support for ASACP,” said Badpuppy marketing, advertising and affiliate manager Lisa Turner. “[ASACP’s] mission is so very important not only in protecting the children, but also in protecting our rights in the industry and consumers’ rights to enjoy adult content.

“We decided that between the webmaster traffic and consumer traffic that Badpuppy has immediate access to, we could promote [ASACP], their cause and their valiant efforts to all who visit the sites we own,” she continued. “We do this in hopes of educating webmasters who may not be familiar with ASACP and what it means to support [the organization], as well as sharing that same education with the consumers who frequent our sites, showing them what their support and donations can accomplish.”

Irvine added, “Even small donations can help ASACP to run its child pornography reporting hotline and provide the Restricted to Adults – RTA website label that protects children from being exposed to age-inappropriate material while protecting the right to enjoy adult entertainment.”

Irvine said the slumping economy has hurt not only commercial revenues, but non-profit organizations, as well.

“As with other companies, today’s economy is having a negative impact on contributions to ASACP, so we’ve been looking for additional revenue sources, but because ASACP is mainly funded by the adult industry, the sources are limited,” she said. “Companies and people are always asking what they can do to help support the ASACP child-protection mission in addition to becoming a sponsor or member, but few have taken it to heart as much as Lisa Turner at Badpuppy. Badpuppy has created a comprehensive program that uses almost every one of its properties to spread the word about ASACP’s child protection effort, educate their webmasters and request contributions from their members.

“ASACP is incredibly grateful to Badpuppy for their support.”

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