New Affiliate Program Features

Cocoa, FL – After several months of planning, programming and design, Pioneer Gay Adult MegaSite, Badpuppy (, long time running affiliate program, PuppyCash (, is proud to announce a brand new and greatly enhanced interface.

Badpuppy has been a leading consumer gay porn brand for nearly 15 years.  Marketing & Advertising Manager Lisa Turner said. We’ve enjoyed great success marketing our sites to consumers and now we’re able to provide both the tools and greatly detailed statistics which will allow our affiliates to better promote our Badpuppy & ClubAmateurUSA properties, along with the additional 28 sites that make up our PuppyCash affiliate program.

Several of our new features at PuppyCash are a direct result of suggestions by our affiliates. The previous PuppyCash interface used a black background, with light text, which drew negative comments. The new interface offers a clean, crisp look and feel, using a white background, black and colorful text where items and areas are featured. We now offer New Announcements and Industry News on the main pages of the website. In addition to greater detail and previews of the program itself, affiliates have ability to preview promotional tools and banners, without having to be logged in. This allows new affiliates a greater opportunity to know ahead of time what they’ll have at their disposal by signing up with

When an affiliate logs into the Webmaster Lounge, they can now be see all of their accounts summarized in a single view. Over the years, affiliates have set up multiple accounts to allow them to track different campaigns. They would have to log into each account separately to view their stats. This is no longer the case. An affiliate will find a variety of ways to review each account’s statistical information. In addition to an Account Summary, a drill down option provides greater detail on Membership Sales Referring URL, Clicks Referring URL, as well as identifying the site being promoted.

Turner also states that in addition to greater statistical detail being provided to our affiliates, our promotional tools and content have been presented in a whole new way and are now far better organized. Content ZIP files now offer Tags, Descriptions and Affiliate Linking Information to deliver the user directly to that models home page on The Badpuppy model TGP Hosted Galleries can be customized with different color backgrounds and the ability to view and obtain Rev Share or PPS linking information. Additionally affiliates can now generate a Link Dump, grabbing a month’s worth of galleries at one time.

The above improvements and additions are only a sample of the new PuppyCash interface.

Registered Affiliates of PuppyCash may choose between two competitive payout options: $30 PPS or 60% Rev Share, as well as a 10% Affiliate Referral option. PuppyCash offers a multitude of Affiliate Tools including Banners, Model Image and Video Clips, TGP Hosted Galleries, Self-Updating iFrame content, Hosted FLV Model Video Clips for Badpuppy and ClubAmateurUSA, RSS feeds, and a variety of landing page options.

Badpuppy began as a BBS in 1992 and became the first Gay adult membership website online in May of 1995. The PuppyCash affiliate program was established in early 1996 and has been paying affiliates on time, since the program began. Questions or comments in relation to Badpuppy, ClubAmateurUSA or the PuppyCash affiliate program may be directed to Lisa Turner

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